Bagedai Releases New EP "Black Pearl" with Fresh Reggae-Infused Sound

Sea of Wood Records is excited to announce the release of Bagedai's new EP, Black Pearl. Published internationally on May 17th, this EP continues to showcase Bagedai’s unique blend of traditional Wa music and reggae. The band, formed in early 2023, has quickly made a name for themselves all over the province with their vibrant live performances, featuring a large ensemble of twelve musicians, including five lead singers.

The Black Pearl EP includes two new tracks: "Jia Lin Sai (Let's Groove)" and "Ya Luo Hei." These songs capture the essence of Bagedai's sound, merging the rhythmic structures of traditional Wa music with the groovy, laid-back vibes of reggae. This fusion not only honors their cultural heritage but also brings a modern twist to their music, appealing to a broad international audience. It is important as a medium to keep traditional culture alive, re-interpreting folk traditions in a contemporary lingua franca. Reggae is to the Wa as metal is to Mongolian bands like The Hu or Nine Treasures. 

Ya Luo Hei reflects themes of unity and celebration. As an inclusive anthem, the lyrics emphasize the joy of coming together regardless of one's background, encouraging everyone to dance and sing until daybreak. It highlights the importance of gathering and sharing happiness on auspicious occasions. This track gained additional recognition by being featured on Global Village's radio program and played on PBS, a popular Melbourne radio station.

Jia Lin Sai (Let's Groove) also centers on themes of reunion and togetherness. The song encourages cherishing moments of joy and promises future reunions, capturing the essence of communal celebration and the happiness found in these gatherings. It is a track loved all over Yunnan and is one of the most successful track of the album among the Wa. 

Recorded live at the historic Yunnan Publishing House Studio in Kunming, the tracks highlight Bagedai's improvisational flair and energetic live performance style. 

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