Bagedai, Bagedai (COMING SOON)


Planned for full release in May 2024, Bagedai's debut album has already set pulses racing with the band's first single Nan Ai Er having come out in January.  Their joyous and uplifting take on Wa music was recorded in a single day at the Yunnan Publishing House studio in Kunming, but this efficiency belies many years of hard work by the principal band members slowly forging a new identity for Wa music across Yunnan and beyond. Wa chants and ancient songs are framed by a driving big band rock/reggae vibe with lutes, flutes and traditional percussion holding down the traditional feel. Watch their Spotify for new single releases and of course the full album release in May.

City Twilight, Floating

悬浮乐队 《城市微光》

A debut album from Floating showcasing classic rock with the feel and spirit of Yunnan’s underground scene.  


Puman, Puman

濮曼 《濮曼》

A breakthrough debut album from Puman that heralded the arrival of Yunnan Reggae on the international scene with tracks such as ‘B’lang Beauty’ which reached No.1 on the Juno UK Vinyl Dub charts with a remix by DJ DSK and was then remixed again by French duo L’Entourloop to further acclaim.  The album also gave rise to the ‘Three Step’ craze which involved dancing around carrying increasingly unwieldy household furniture.   

DUB Yunnan, Puman

DUB Yunnan 《濮曼》

A Collection of Reggae legend, Nick Manasseh, dub versions of tracks from Puman’s debut album edited by the band - A very interesting mix of traditional reggae production techniques with Yunnan sounds and instruments and a must for pure reggae fans and fans of Yunnan music alike.

Octogenarian Eve, HAHA Master

笑匠 《八十岁的夏娃》

A debut album showcasing the band’s moody pop electronica sound with thoughtful social commentary.


Voices of the Sani (Four Seasons), Manhu

蛮虎 《四季》

‘Voices of the Sani’  is a breakthrough album for Yunnan crossover music primarily because instead of starting life as rock band searching for ethnic influences to add flavor to their sound,  Manhu’s starting point is a genuine authentic ethnic root. All of the members Manhu’s music are Sani ethnic artists and the result is more grounded and sincere as a result.   Uncompromising high energy arrangements effortlessly bridge the gap between old and new, showcasing myriad  Yi traditional instruments in a  contemporary context.  The album was released by World Music network globally and reached No.8 in the Transglobal World Music album Charts and received five stars from the BBC Music Magazine.

Mei-Rok, Mei-Rok

玫洛格 《玫洛格》

With a name derived from the Wa god of the drums, Mei-Rok is a triumphant debut from legendary Yunnan singer, A Mei, and her band, recorded just before her cancer diagnosis.  The album is a culmination of her work with various musicians over a decade or so of researching and reinventing the music of her Ethnic group – The Wa.  The album combines rock, reggae, pop, electronica, metal and even trap sounds that create an uplifting and intriguing listen.  

Laomudeng Eve,  Xiaocun & Xiaohui


A second album from Jiang Xiaocun this time with his wife Chunli Xiaohui as a full co-artist.   The blend of classic folk and Nujiang ethnic influences is immediately recognisable from their earlier material but this time is more refined and committed with some haunting vocal melodies and effortless modern arrangements of traditional material.