Sea of Wood Records also operate a venue in Kunming, province capital of Yunnan. Spacing (空格) is one of the only two venues designed specifically for live music in the city, with a capacity over 800. 

空格现场坐落于昆明呈贡区大学城(吾悦广场3层),2022 年10 月开业至今承接演出达50+场,同时场地主办演出和康士坦变化球、逃走鲍勃、PO8、YOUNG、绝对纯洁、板砖等艺人乐队合作,为昆明带来多场精彩优质音乐现场。淼木唱片创立「空格现场」希望搭建一个音乐交流空间,本地乐队可以有专业平台丰富舞台经验,同样提供外地乐队抵达昆明演出多一个选择。

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Underground stepping stone

Turtle is one of the main places for upcoming bands in Yunnan to perform without the pressure of larger venues.

Established in 2016, The Turtle has hosted over seven hundred live shows from an assortment of local and touring bands.  As a small 250 capacity venue, it is know for it’s enthusiastic audiences, raging parties, and as a home for independent minded people, especially musicians.