Bagedai Releases Captivating Single, "Endless Love," Unveiling the Soul of Yunnan Reggae

[Kunming, Feb.9th 2024] Bagedai, the latest sensation signed to Sea of Wood Records, is set to enchant music lovers with their new single, "Endless Love." This captivating track, rooted in the traditional love songs of the Wa people from southern Yunnan and northern Myanmar, is a seamless blend of ancient melodies and modern elements.



"Endless Love" narrates a tale of unfulfilled promises and longing, set against the backdrop of a moonlit night in a quiet mountain village. The song evokes a sense of loyalty to emotions and commitment to the future, embodying the determination in the pursuit of love that characterises Wa music.

Recorded in one take at the historic Yunnan Publishing House recording studio in Kunming city by the twelve musicians of Bagedai in August 2023, the single showcases the distinctive vocal style and melody of the Wa people. The 'sisters,' serving as backing vocalists, provide emotional support through a call-and-response structure, creating a powerful and evocative musical experience.

Bagedai's "Endless Love" is not just a song; it's an excellent example of Yunnan Reggae. The track draws deep connections to the region's ethnic roots, featuring traditional instruments and a compelling groove that defines this exciting new style.

Lyrics Excerpt:

"The promise once made was not fulfilled, and you left me far away,
Whose sweet words deceived you? Why did you leave me far away?
I'm waiting for you every day, but I can't see your shadow yet,
My beloved… when will you return to my side?"

About Bagedai:

Bagedai is a 12-member ensemble, proudly representing the charisma and cultural uniqueness of the Wa people from Ximeng, one of China's most remote counties. Hailing from one of the two Wa enclaves divided by the separatist Wa State in northern Myanmar, Bagedai brings modernity to their hunter-gatherer roots, delivering a fresh and vibrant take on traditional Wa music. Fronted by five female lead singers/dancers and backed by seasoned Wa musicians, Bagedai is making waves in the Chinese Reggae scene, promising infectious tunes and exuberant performances that capture the heart of their audience.



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