Sea of Wood bands are playing some super cool gigs this month!

[Kunming, April 8th] Puman (濮曼) is on the bill for the 500 Miles Music Festival, the biggest and best of Yunnan Province. On April 14th, they will be playing in front of a crowd of over 30,000, sharing the bill with some of the best bands from all over China!

Tulegur  (图利古儿) has also been invited to one of the coolest festivals to take place during the May holiday: Midi Festival Da Wuyi. Another very prestigious festival in China with a storied past, this one will take place over 3 days, and will include international bands such as envy, Arch Enemy, and South Penguin! Also present will be indefatigable rockers Miserable Faith, street punks Gum Bleed, and post-rock band Silent Speech. So it’s another very well curated festival for Tulegur, right after recording their new album, should be a blast!

HAHA Master launched their China tour 2024 right after the release of their 2nd album, Dancing With Absurdity. They will perform 10 dates all over the country, stopping at iconic venues such as School Bar, Omni Space, 9-Ball, Mao and Yu Yin Tang. Get your tickets on Showstart for your city on this page.


You can keep abreast of where our bands perform on our SHOWS page, or of course through the wechat official account 淼木唱片. 

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